Auto detailing is worthless if your
vehicle still smells bad when completed.
We use the most advanced sanitizing
and disinfecting treatment that smoke
residues and
VOC’s1 from interior
areas. Our equipment generates 65
times more killing power than is
required to destroy e-coli bacteria and
disinfects 3000 times faster than
chlorine. And it is safe for all interior

Harmful remnants from saliva, urine,
vomit, feces and blood are also
destroyed. We treat the entire interior
compartment, including the ventiillation

Do you have any idea how much nasty,
harmful stuff you bring into your car...
on your feet! Every time we walk
across a parking lot we pick up
anything from mold spores, fungi, and
allergens to bacteria and viruses from
bird and animal droppings!

We may just think they smell bad, but
most can be harmful to our health. As
they replicate and grow, these
microbes penetrate every nook and
cranny of the passenger compartment
creating not only unpleasant odors,
but health risks as well.

Our equipment deoderizes and
sanitizes the entire interior area leaving
a touchable, breathable environment
for our customers.
Volatile Organic Compounds. Car
manufacturers are concerned about, and
admit, that toxic VOC’s such as
formaldehyde and styrene ooze from
plastics, glues and a myriad of other
substances. That “new car smell” is toxic to
humans. When treated prior to or shortly
after delivery, our equipment will reduce
many VOC’s. Although VOC’s continue to
“gas out” for months, our equipment gives
new car owners a fresher start than ever
Our equipment delivers a lethal dose
of UV generated O3 - to the microbes,
not to us - of more than 65 times the
required amount needed to kill E.coli

Now that the interior has been
sanitized, that is to say that all of the
microbes have been killed, they can no
longer reproduce...they can no longer
system of the passengers.  

Are The Claims True?
Yes. Pre- and post-treatment samples
have occasionally been collected by a
Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI)
and sent to a laboratory that is ISO
17025 compliant. This accreditation
provides assurance for quality,
defensibility and reliability of the
results. It is because of this
accreditation that analyses can be
performed once and the results are
accepted everywhere.

Can Other Equipment Make the
Same Claims?
No. Dix Auto Detailing's germicidal UV
light equipment is unique and
exclusive. Similar products cause
corrosive conditions
(although they
claim not to)
and/or they introduce
chemicals to integral interior
components such as carpet, leather
and rubber seals. Appliances using
“corona discharge” for O3 production
generate dangerous nitrogens. These
nitrogens become corrosive nitric acids
upon contact with moisture. This is of
particular concern during humid
conditions. Dix Auto Detailing's UVO3
is nearly nitrogen-free and does not
leave caustic by-products or corrosive
results behind.
Dix Mobile Auto detailing is phenomenal. We car we were wanting to sell. It had several recently
scheduled an interior detail for a was hoping that it would look Dix Mobile Auto detailing is
phenomenal. We recently scheduled an interior detail for "presentable" when they were finished
as it wasn't sellable in the condition it was in, Dix Mobile Auto detailing is phenomenal. We
recently scheduled an interior detail for in my opinion.

Dix arrived right on time and started to work immediately. I am not even sure how long it took
but it was much longer than I would have expected anyone to spend for the price we paid. The
attention to detail - and I mean every nook and cranny - was amazing. The car is 13 years old
and I can honestly say the interior looked almost NEW when they were finished. I was blown
away. They even did some type of air treatment through the vents that removed all odors from
the car. The car sold to the first person who looked at it. They couldn't believe what great
condition it was in for being 13 years old. If they had only seen it a week ago... Haha!

I HIGHLY recommend Dix for timely, IMMACULANT service.

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Is The Treatment Harmful To
Humans, Pets, or Plants?
Only if they are inside an interior area
while the equipment is running. UV
generated O3 reverts back to natural,
harmless oxygen (O2) within twenty
minutes after treatment. There are
absolutely no safety concerns
whatsoever after the twenty minutes
has expired.

How Do We Do This?
Within moments of turning on our
equipment, the entire passenger
compartment is flooded with Ultra
Violet Generated Tri-Atomic Oxygen
(O3) at a rate in excess of more than
100 cubic feet per minute.  This, plus a
546 cubic inch germicidal kill field,
produces one of the most powerful
deoderizing/sanitizing products on the

O3 is the second-most effective
sanitizing agent on earth - 3000 times
faster than chlorine. We use a sensor
to monitor the UV generated O3 being
introduced into the interior, including
the ventiillation system.