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Often referred to as steam cleaning. In truth, there is
little or no steam involved as a primary cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning is easy to understand.
First, a powerful machine heats the water. Trained
extractor experts,
like us, use a professional hot water extraction
cleaning machine to propel water into your seats/carpet pile at high
pressure, where it loosens up dirt, soil, and grime.

In almost the same motion, a high-powered vacuum removes the
hot water and all the dirt and stains in your seats/carpets along with
it, which allows the seats/carpets to dry quickly.  While there is
visible steam from the hot water, it is the water doing the cleaning,
not the steam.

Hot water extraction is the best way to get seats/carpets clean. We
recommend a yearly hot water extraction cleaning to remove the
dirt and grime that commonly builds up in seats and carpets and
causes unnecessary wear and tear.  
Carpet and/or Seat Cleaning is
performed By Quote

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