Complete auto details using "Eco-Friendly" technology. We clean and detail
individual and fleet-owned vehicles, including
cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and
boats (21' or less)
at our shop.

flat-rate price schedule is for individual vehicles showing normal "wear
and tear" and soil
1.   For pricing purposes, the following criteria are used.

    Steam-clean painted surfaces
    Steam-clean wheels and tires
    Wheel wipe-down
    Tires dressed with a non-sling dressing
    Steam-clean undercarriage, as accessible
    Surface Protection Application - far superior to waxing
    Clean all glass, interior and exterior
    Vacuum and steam-clean hard surfaces, including ashtrays, cupholders,
    Steam-clean carpet*, floor mats*, seats, and headliner
    Pet hair removal
    Clean door panels, dash, and console
    Steam-clean vents
    Deoderization & sanitizing using advanced UV light and ozone2
    Steam-clean door frames
    Recondition all leather surfaces
    Vacuum trunk area / Steam-clean SUV cargo area


    Steam-clean engine and engine compartment3
    Clean and wipe down undersurface of hood

    Allow about 6 hours

Buffing / Compounding available by quote

    All disclaimers and notes apply
2 or 4 door coupes or sedans, such as Taurus, Camry, Lexus,
Seville, Accord, Mercedes                   

STANDARD PICKUP TRUCKS*                      
Standard pickup trucks, such as F150, Silverado/RAM/Sierra

ROUGHNECK TRUCKS*                                   
also referred to as Big Dirty Trucks - larger pickup trucks, such as
F 250/350, Silverado/RAM/Sierra 2500/3500 (or for those of you who
carry the dirt from the oilfields or farms in your trucks)

2-ROW SUVS*                                                  
any SUV with only 2 rows of seats, such as Murano, Escape, Equinox

3-ROW SUVS*                                                  
any SUV with 3 rows of seats, such as Suburban,
Expedition, Pilot, Escalade
1 Vehicles with excessive soil are subject to additional
charges.  If at the time of pre-cleaning inspection, hard
set stains are found, you will be quoted a special price
for removing the stains.

2 If at the time of pre-cleaning inspection, your vehicle
requires heavy odor removal, you will be quoted a
special price to perform this service, prior to placing your
order. Our equipment targets smoke residues, bacteria,
viruses, mold, mildew, fungus and
VOC’s*. Harmful
remnants from saliva, urine, vomit, feces and blood are
also destroyed. Our special DynaBreeze ionization
equipment refreshes the entire interior area leaving a
touchable, breathable environment for our customers.

3 Not responsible for loose wiring, plumbing or check-
engine lights after cleaning
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Prior to services being performed, we ask that you remove all personal
items, including valuables, child seats,  etc.
*vehicles with ozite carpeting on the interior floor
(such as the Nissan Versa) will cost more