Dix Auto Detailing completes detailing 300-ton
 - February 2014 

We were contacted by a crane company in Michigan and asked if we would be
available to detail two cranes that were being stored in south Oklahoma City.

These cranes are used for heavy lift, 300 tons.  They are the size of a small house,
and used for building wind fields in this part of the country. I was amazed at the
weight of the wind generators and the attached propellers - 30/40 tons being lifted
hundreds of feet in the air onto a pedestal.  These cranes are operated with joy
sticks and electronics - pretty cool.

Our first impulse - this project is far too large to tackle.  But then we thought -
why not take a look before we say no.

The side panels (6 per side) on the cranes were seriously oxidized, almost white
instead of red. Major buffing, rubbing and more rubbing was in store. The control
cabs needed cleaning as well.

Ok, let’s make a decision, do we tackle it or walk away.  The cold weather (snow/ice)
had kept our regular detail business a little slow, so supplementing it with this type
of project might be just what the doctor ordered, so we said “Go for it”. We
provided a quote, which they accepted, and by the way they added 2 more cranes
to do, now we had 4 of these monsters.

Fast forward 2 weeks - we finished the 5-day job this past Friday, 2-21-14.

One more category of vehicles we can add to our repertoire. Dix Auto detailing now
details cars, trucks, suv’s, and
heavy lift equipment.
Written by DICK CHRISTOPHER, Owner - DIX Auto Detailing
October 2013

If your vehicle has been detailed by Dix Auto Detailing in the past 3 or 4 monthshas
been protected by a sealant which was applied after the wash phase of your
exterior detailing.

The sealant we use is manufactured in Europe and is taking the place of waxes. It
repels rain, makes dirt much easier to remove and gives the vehicle a long lasting
shine. The sealant, unlike wax, is applied to all hard surfaces of the vehicles
exterior, glass, chrome, wheels and of course the painted surface. All of these
surfaces have microscopic pores that the sealant fills.

Before introducing this product to customers, we applied the sealant to our own
personal vehicles and were delighted to see the water bead up and run off of the
vehicles without leaving water stains. On future washings, we noticed an added
bonus - the job was cut in half - we didn’t have to scrub to remove dirt and a wipe
down of the surface was all that was needed PLUS the shine remained great.

Does it last forever, no.  We reapplied the sealant after 6 months which is about 4
months longer than an application of wax.  One other benefit of the sealant is the
repelling action it has on your windshield.  Many of our customers comment how
amazing it is to watch water run off without the use of wipers.  “I was doing 65
mph in a heavy rain, no wipers needed”. We wouldn’t suggest going that fast in
rain, nor would we suggest not turning the wipers on. We would, however, say we
have seen the same thing with our vehicles.

With winter approaching Dix Auto Detailing highly recommends this sealant. All of
full and exterior details include it as standard procedure; its protection lasts 4-6
months, depending on weather. Let us protect your vehicle from winter’s damaging
effects - road salts/chemicals, slush and road grime. Make an appointment today.

Written by DICK CHRISTOPHER, Owner - DIX Auto Detailing

Why and How We Detail Your Engine Compartment -
August 2013

I can’t tell you how many blank stares I get when I tell customers I will detail their
engine and engine compartment during a full detail process.

Nobody sees it, so why do it? It is probably the #1 overlooked area of any vehicle,
the only time it is looked at is when your technician changes the oil or you are
having a problem starting the vehicle-RIGHT?

During my days selling cars, trucks and SUV’s the engine compartment is the
second area we looked at when appraising trade-ins. If the engine compartment
was covered with dirt, oil and grease chances are you didn’t maintain the vehicle
except for the oil changes and the occasional exterior wash, and that put a minus
sign on the vehicle’s condition as a result.

Detailing the engine, engine compartment, and under the hood surface brings a
certain amount of respect from a mechanic’s/technician’s standpoint; it says you
care about the powerplant. Technicians, in turn, will be a little more careful when
filling the engine with oil or when they change out the battery. Another aspect to
consider is the technician/mechanic won’t get quite as dirty handling your vehicle,
that’s a plus in their minds.

The biggest benefit to detailing the engine and the engine compartment is the
engine will tend to run a bit cooler as a result. At Dix Auto Detailing, we steam clean
the radiator core to remove dirt, bugs and debris that have accumulated over the
course of miles you have put on the vehicle. Airflow through the engine
compartment tends to cool the engine and its accessories, i.e. alternator and
various pumps. With the engine and its accessories clean, the air cools the actual
surfaces instead of layers of dirt and grime. Makes sense.

Last, but certainly not least, when we finish a detail we always let our customers
inspect the vehicle making sure we haven’t overlooked anything - interior, exterior,
door frames, trunk, consoles, wheel wells and the engine compartment. Oddly
enough this is where we get the most oohs and ahhs; we also get the first
“WOW…….it hasn’t looked like this since it was new.”

Engine detailing is an important part of any vehicle maintenance program. If you are
a do-it-yourselfer and maintain your vehicle’s appearance, don’t forget the engine
and its compartment. Take some precautions - cover the major electrical
connectors, use a standard cleanser (e.g. Simple Green) prior to cleaning and don’t
use water pressure over 800 psi.

If you have any questions concerning engine detailing give us a call at
or email us.

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Written by Dick Christopher, Owner - DIX Auto Detailing

Food is a No-No - July 2013

We are proud to announce that we’ve had a very successful first quarter at Dix
Auto Detailing (second quarter by fiscal calendar).  It’s been lots of hard work, while
we’ve enjoyed meeting new customers and making great friends along the way.  We
would like to thank those folks who have put the trust of their vehicle in our hands;
we hope we continue to be your detail service provider.  Your feedback has been
very positive and we’re glad to have exceeded your expectations.

One of the biggest enemies to a car’s interior is dirt, ground in Oklahoma red dirt,
sand and grit – which is hard to avoid.  Next is food, soda and coffee, which can be

Unlike Oklahoma red dirt, sand and grit, where a thorough vacuuming of the
carpets, seats and those hard-to-get-to areas will reduce the wear and tear of the
interior soft goods, foods and liquids present a different challenge.

Food, primarily cereals w/milk; sweets, like cookies (cream or jelly filled) or pancakes
with syrup; crackers; bread; meats and cheeses; and especially sodas present an
unhealthy situation.

Foods cause bacteria to grow rampant, causing unpleasant odors especially when
left for days, weeks, months, and yes, even years in vehicles that are subject to
Oklahoma’s extreme heat. This does not even take into account the problems
associated with food-produced stains.  Ever had a coke spurt out when you open it
- check out your vehicle’s headliner or console, or syrup spill between the seat and
the console?

Our clean-up process begins with our
Ozone/Sanitation Treatment.  A 30 to 60
minute treatment kills any bacterial growth, E. coli and virus field that has been
started by food spills. Next is a
detailed vacuuming of the spill area followed by a
steam extraction treatment to remove any residues and/or stains.  This treatment
is arduous and lengthy, but necessary to return the interior back to a clean and  
odor/germ-free condition.

We understand that families with small and not-so-small children are leading  hectic
lives – work, school, sporting events, etc, and this  leads to eating on the run...
been there, done that!  Spills happen, food gets dropped in not-so-obvious places
and that’s when the environment inside your vehicle starts to deteriorate.  But, you
can help by taking simple steps.

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, take a moment every week to look at
your vehicle’s interior - carpets, seats (pay special attention to sides of seats and
under the seats), door panels and the headliner.  By removing any food and
cleaning stains before they hard set, you can head off germs and odors before they

We hope this has been helpful advice, if you have any questions, please call us at
405-820-1483 or write us at

Written by DICK CHRISTOPHER, Owner - DIX Auto Detailing

The Details of Detailing Explained - June 2013

In recent weeks, we have discovered that there is a wide disparity about the
definition of "detailing" - especially when it comes to vehicles. Car detailing really
isn't defined by one single process, but is instead a term that covers a wide variety
of techniques and products which revitalize and protect the various surfaces of a

    What is detailing?

    The best way to explain the difference between a Full Detailing and a Cleaning
    Only from DIX Auto Detailing is to tell you that a detailing includes the following
    services in addition to the services provided by a Cleaning Only.

  • Steam-clean hard surfaces - interior        
  • Steam-clean ashtrays, cupholders, etc.
  • Steam-clean door panels, dash, and console
  • Steam-clean vents
  • Clean all glass - interior
  • Clean all glass - exterior
  • Steam-clean carpet &, floor mats
  • Steam-clean seats
  • Steam-clean headliner
  • Steam-clean door frames
  • Dress all hard surfaces
  • Recondition all leather surfaces
  • Pet hair removal
  • Deoderization & sanitizing using advanced UV light and ozone
  • Steam-clean complete engine compartment2
  • Clean and wipe down undersurface of hood
  • Steam-clean undercarriage, as accessible
  • Surface Protection Application
  • Dress exterior plastics
  • Vacuum trunk /Steam clean SUV cargo area

  • Headlight Lens Restoration
  • Engine Dressing - Dress all engine compartment plastics and rubber
  • Premium or Deluxe Ozone Deoderization & Sanitizing Treatment
  • Leather Reconditioning
  • Windshield Repair
  • Convertible Top Detailed
  • Paint Touch-Up
  • Paste wax application with hand polishing  

We hope you understand that an auto detailing from DIX is not the same as the
one you get at the drive-thru car wash.

We also hope that you can't wait to have Dix detail your car. Make an appointment  

Written by DICK CHRISTOPHER, Owner - DIX Auto Detailing
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Winter Emergency Kit  - October 2014
Car Emergency Kits are made to protect you or your
loved one in case of a roadside emergency. These are
the basics that should be in your kit.

Food and Water: to provide you with adequate
nutrition for 72-hours without access to additional
supplies. These products have a 5 year shelf life. such
400 Calorie Food Bars
Water Pouches and/or Water Purification Tablets
First Aid Kit: to assist with minor injuries and protect against serious health
concerns in disaster circumstances.
Survival Gear: such as
Tow Rope -10 ft.
Car Battery Jumper Cables
Reflective Triangle
Fix-a-Flat Tire Inflator
Compact Multi-Function Shovel
Duct Tape
Leather Gloves
Shelter and Warmth:
Fire Starter
Waterproof Ponchos With Hoods
Survival Blankets
Light and Communications:
30 Hour Emergency Candle
Waterproof Matches
Battery operated Radio
Hygiene and Sanitation
Tissue Packs
Note Pad
Golf Pencil
Deck of Playing Cards

Written by DICK CHRISTOPHER, Owner - DIX Auto Detailing

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- April, 2016

At least once per year your vehicle should be detailed.
Detailing has proven to be effective in getting you a
better resale/trade-in price. So, if you are planning on
selling/trading your car, make sure to have it detailed
within a week of selling/trading it.

It is usually when selling a vehicle that most people consider detailing. But, by that
time (an average of 5 years) the vehicle has too much wear and tear to restore it to
a like new condition. That's why we urge our customers to think of auto detailing as
a maintenance program the same as changing the fluids, getting a tune-up or
rotating the tires. Most people don't realize that in most cases, it is less expensive
to replace the engine than to replace a "factory paint job"! We recommend at least
2 to 5 times a year depending on your driving and car washing habits and how you
store your vehicle. Is it parked inside or outside most of the time? Do you wash it
every other day or maybe only once a month? How do you wash it? Do you spend
so much time in your vehicle that you feel like it's your home? These are just some
of the determining factors that we consider in recommending what maintenance
schedule is best for you.

You should also have your car professionally cleaned/detailed when spills or other
mishaps occur, such as taking your pet on a trip.  If your vehicle gets damaged in
an accident, detailing may be necessary after repairs are made.

A clean interior will reduce allergens and air-borne toxins that may cause adverse
health conditions.  Look for a detailer that can
deodorize and sanitize it.

When is the most critical time to get my car detailed?
Don't forget the winter months are the most crucial time to detail due to the rapid
changes in temperature, road construction, salt and other elements that are
especially hard on your vehicle's exterior. Not to mention that the Magnesium
Chloride they are using on the roads these days is proving to be even more
harmful, than we thought, to the exposed surfaces of your car. While it's easy to
rationalize that "it's just going to get dirty anyway", properly applied sealant is your
only defense! Plus it makes it easier to wash off all that harmful grime.

Written by DICK CHRISTOPHER, Owner - DIX Auto Detailing