No question, Dix Auto Detailing is the best money can buy when it comes to
detailing your car. They do the best job we have seen of anyone in OKC or DFW,
and they come to you! We first used the service on a 2010 Volvo XC90 that had
been well used by our kids. When Mr. Christopher was done, the car looked better
than brand new....which helped when we traded it in on a new vehicle two weeks
later. The dealer couldn't believe it was a 2010 with 65k miles. We will continue to
use Dix for detailing all our vehicles and look forward to our future business with
Mr. Christopher.
David N. Harris - Email received 4-27-13
AWESOME JOB! I called Dix Auto Detailing to help clean the stains off my seats. I
have cloth seats and I love water sports, not really a good combo. Not only did he
get all the stains off my seats, the windows are spotless, and the air is somehow
way fresher. I'm telling you, my car is SPOTLESS! The attention to detail is
impeccable. My seats, my headlights, tail lights, floor boards, dash board, cup
holders, door handles, glove box, middle console, air vents, sun roof, rims, tires,
windows, wind shield wipers, EVERYTHING, looks amazing! My car is really really
Jenna Serrano - 7-5-13, Google  Review
had a full detail and our car looks exactly the same as it did when they were
finished! Also, it has rained twice and you can't even tell. We had no idea you can
get your car detailed with such quality. Dix Auto detailing services are hands down
ten times better than an auto spa and ten times the value. They steam cleaned our
air vents so our entire car smells better. The tires look brand new despite their life
is about half over (this is how the used car dealerships get their tires looking brand
new!). They spot cleaned the seats and vacuumed the interior back to brand new.
But the most impressive is the outside "spot-free" wax they used. Our car looks
like it was waxed yesterday, seriously. And it has been over two weeks. Highly
recommended, check them out you won't be disappointed.

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We appreciate your honesty.
We take pride in delivering world-class service to
all of our customers.  Read what our  clients have
said about us!
Thank you AGAIN for the meticulous job of auto detailing you performed on my
2005 GMC YUKON SUV. You literally made a "silk purse out of a sow's ear". Your
detailing work restored both the inside and outside of my SUV to like new condition.

The detailing work was performed at my home address. The drive way was left
cleaner than when you arrived.

Thanks again for the great restoration of my vehicle. I would recommend your
company and exceptional quality work to anyone.

Dix Mobile Auto detailing is phenomenal. We recently scheduled an interior detail for
a car we were wanting to sell. It had several stains on the carpet and leather and
the interior just looked old and worn in general. I was hoping that it would look Dix
Mobile Auto detailing is phenomenal. We recently scheduled an interior detail for
"presentable" when they were finished as it wasn't sellable in the condition it was in,
Dix Mobile Auto detailing is phenomenal. We recently scheduled an interior detail for
in my opinion.

Dix arrived right on time and started to work immediately. I am not even sure how
long it took but it was much longer than I would have expected anyone to spend
for the price we paid. The attention to detail - and I mean every nook and cranny -
was amazing. The car is 13 years old and I can honestly say the interior looked
almost NEW when they were finished. I was blown away. They even did some type
of air treatment through the vents that removed all odors from the car. The car
sold to the first person who looked at it. They couldn't believe what great condition
it was in for being 13 years old. If they had only seen it a week ago... Haha!

I HIGHLY recommend Dix for timely, affordable, courteous and IMMACULANT service.
M. Carson - May 8, 2014 , Facebook
Oh MyLanta! Absolutely Amazing job in our cars!! Detail job impeccable! Will
definitely spread the word! Great to do business with! Thanks for makin my ol car
"new" again! 
P. Woodard -April 2, 2014, Facebook
C & J Wright - Yukon, OK - on-site review 5-6-2014
Auto  Detailing
Serving Yukon, OK and surrounding areas  
I want to say that dix auto detail is great went through my hole car and engine
looks awesome great people and great service 100% ..need your car detailed go to
dix auto detail I guarantee you'll be happy
I just got my Ranger detailed from DIX today!!!! What a fantastic job. My interior is
just like new!!! You guys ROCK!! The techs were very professional and did their
jobs over the top !!! Thanks DIX
David Edde  - Aug 1, 2014 , Facebook
This is what happens after a detailing at Dix...FIRST PLACE TROPHY, BABY!
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5 star - DIX does an amazing job on all of our vehicles for our company. Some of
the vehicles that we bring in are NaStY and they come back looking amazing! They
were even able to restore a vehicle that had the interior flooded.
Teela Chavedo, Cox Communications - Aug 13, 2015,
Scott Okie - Aug 23, 2014, Facebook
5 star - I had my CRV interior detail today. Cost was $125 and worth every penny!
They did an outstanding job and my car looks brand-spanking-new!
Desiree Van Horn - Aug 2, 2015, Facebook
George Rosales  - July 25-2014
I've had my cars detailed many different places in Oklahoma over the years, I will go
nowhere else now.  Dix is by far the best!  Thank you for the great detail!  I don't
have to look for a great detail shop anymore.  You have another loyal customer
here in my family.
Enriqe O. - Jun 4, 2015, Yelp
5 star - These guys are amazing. We take our company vehicles to get detailed with
them and they are the best.
May 13, 2015 ·
5 star - These guys do outstanding work. Meticulous detailing. Stains and scuffs
seem to disappear. Made our car look brand new.
Andrew F. - Oct 12, 2015, Yelp
Dix is absolutely amazing! They have detailed two of my cars and both times they
were exceptional! They have excellent customer service and truly go above and
beyond for their customers!  
Taylor Fisher - Dec 11, 2015 , Facebook
5 out of 5 rating
I took a car here to be detailed before trading it in at a dealership. It looked like it
rolled right off the lot the day I bought it. The dealer gave me full trade value
without having to negotiate, it was that good. Their quality of work is impressive
and worth it.
Tim Ballard - Mar. 7, 2016 , Google
5 star
Took my 2013 Honda Pilot to them for a full detail job and i was extremely pleased
with the outcome the entire vehicle was spotless my engine was covered in dirt and
when they were finished it looked like it was brand new I will be using them for
years to come.  
Stewart M. - Mar. 21, 2016 , Yelp
5 star
Outstanding job!! Made a customer for life! Helped me get an additional $2500 on
my trade in.
Bristow, C. - Mar. 25, 2015 , Facebook
If you get a "bad job", there is a real problem. They are Nice, personable.
Outstanding work. Will be a longtime customer. #keepitlocal
Chase, E. - Jan. 3, 2015 , Facebook
Excellent service. Very friendly to schedule with on the phone. My car looks brand
new!!!! I couldn't be more happy with the job DIX did. Thank you!
Cade, K. - Feb. 3, 2015 , Facebook
5 star
I was beyond impressed by the magnificent job they did on my 4Runner! It looked
almost better than it did the say I bought it. The staff is helpful and pleasant and
really understands what customer service and a job well done are! I will absolutely
be back! MARVELOUS!
5 star
Took my 2013 Honda Pilot to them for a full detail job and i was extremely pleased
with the outcome the entire vehicle was spotless my engine was covered in dirt and
when they were finished it looked like it was brand new I will be using them for
years to come.  
Christel Stuart- Jan.  9, 2016 , Facebook
A friend recommended Dix to me after telling me how pleased she was with all they
did for her vehicle.  I scheduled the appointment and arrived on the morning of, and
was met by Dick, the owner of the company.   He explained exactly what was going
to be done and showed me how my engine looked.   When I picked up my car later
that afternoon, I was absolutely dumbfounded!  It looked like a new car, down to
the floor mats.    And the engine!  Unbelievable! I'm not sure I should be allowed
back in my own car.....
Very impressed and highly recommend!
Marla C.- May 5, 2016 , Yelp
5 star
I had my 2005 Acura RL sedan detailed last fall in preparation for trading it in.  My
car was black with a light tan/taupe interior, and the leather front seats had gotten
really dirty from my wearing dark navy and black fabrics all the time.  The carpets
looked dirty and old too.  Well, when I went to pick up my car the next day, it was
just like another reviewer said:  I didn't even recognize it as my car!  Those reading
this may find it hard to believe, but the interior of this 11 YEAR OLD car looked
brand new!  I was, like the other reviewer, flabbergasted.  Best money I've ever
spent on a car.  When I took it around to look for another car, I got offers for my
trade-in that were a couple of thousand more than I expected...even though it had
over 125,000 miles.  To tell the truth, I didn't want to get rid of the car, but it was
time.  I've had a used Mercedes for 6 months now and it's time for me to take it to
Dix for its first detail.  I urge anyone wanting to have your car look LIKE NEW again,
take it to Dix Auto Detailing.  CK from Edmond Ok.
Connie K. - May 22, 2016 , Yelp
5 star
Our car was as clean as it was new. We've been back with our other car and they
did another fabulous job. Highly recommend them!
Vanessa Davis - July 19, 2016 , Facebook
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TD Smith - Nov 10, 2016 , Email
I had my Ford F150, quad cab detailed over the weekend. Dropped it off at 0800
and it was done by 1500. They did a great job on the exterior and interior. Looks
brand new and I have a couple dogs and several kids who are pretty messy. Great
job and will use again!
Robert -  Mar 20, 2017 Yahoo
TD Smith - Nov 10, 2016 , Email

My Ford still looks like new!  Barbara came in the other day and gave me a hug.  
Said “Thanks, my car looks great!”  Once more; thank you for two great jobs with a
very nice discount.

My best,
TD Smith - Nov 10, 2016 , Email
5 star
Great work and service! Goes above and beyond to satisfy the customer. I had an
interior detail done... price was reasonable for the amount of work they did. After
10 yrs of accumulation to the elements, my vehicle looked like-new and was
odor-free when I came in to pick it up. They even removed some paint scuffs and
haze on the headlights free of charge. Highly recommended to try these guys out!
L.N. -  June 2, 2017 Yelp
Robert -  Mar 20, 2017 Yahoo
We took our 9 yr old stained, neglected Lexus in to the Dix in Yukon today.  We
got back an SUV that looks like it just came off the showroom floor.  This place is